Have you experienced the pain of business failure? Have you struggled to overcome rejection? The pain of uncertainty can be devastating, and you may feel alone as if you have no support. The good news is that no doesn’t always mean no. Sometimes, it just means try again!

Beyond (Out of the Box) Thinking provides solutions, teaching you to enact creative thinking. Discover the benefits of personal growth and be brave enough to get back up after a fall. Keep moving forward, in spite of your fears!


  • Finally break the cycle of pain and failure and the fear of getting it wrong.
  • Stop asking, “What if it doesn’t come out right?” and “What if people talk negatively about me?”
  • Don’t get so caught up in what might happen next that you crush your creativity before your idea even gets off the ground.
  • Discover new perspectives and valuable insights, ways to do things differently.
  • Awaken your creativity and find the freedom in it.
  • Realize that failure doesn’t suggest that you are stupid; it’s merely a chance to pick yourself up and grow.


Beyond (Out of the Box) Thinking provides insights on practical ways to transform your life, your business, your career, and your organization.

  • Research and receive data that will help you improve your business.
  • Nail and develop a great brand.
  • Discover coping strategies to help you face personal and business challenges so you can change your life.
  • Find winning strategies for steering your life, organization, and career to success.
  • Know when your career is your calling.
  • Get through the back door to reach your calling.
  • Help others succeed and learn what community really means.
  • Embrace every moment as it presents itself in your life.
  • Overcome the pain of rejection and business failure.
  • Realize that no only means you have a chance to try again.
  • Break out of standard operating procedures.
  • Climb out of the mental boxes that hold you captive and keep you from achieving what you want to achieve.


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“Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Valeria lets us in on the significance of authenticity in today’s world of instant gratification. Through her words, she emphasizes that to establish our value in society is the true measure of success. To live life to the fullest, pushing and challenging ourselves to do the things that are outside of our comfort zone and allowing ourselves to grow, are the truest ways to live life. Congratulations, Valeria!”

—Alexander Figueroa
Authors of Assess This!

“This is an honest-to-goodness look in the mirror. Beyond (Out of The Box) Thinking encourages readers to reflect honestly on who they truly are, to be open to the things in life that may be in the way of true success, and to acknowledge these hindrances to pave the way to the success.”

—Minh Tu Hoang
Authors of When Good Becomes Great!

“Box out that fear that is stopping you from becoming your best self! Valeria invites us all to get to know who we really are and love who that person is. She shifts the common perspective on what is really important in life and stresses on the fact that these things are all relative—the journey of life isn’t to collect material possessions, but to build character and earning what is due along the way. Thank you, Valeria, for calling your readers to action and helping us see what true happiness life can bring.”

—Cynthia Davis
Authors of In Search of Wisdom BOOK 2 In Search of Wisdom

Beyond (Out of the Box) Thinking has such a great message for all readers. A refreshing take on life and work, one that focuses on the victories of life that has no price tag or that cannot be counted—these victories feed the soul, not the physical being. In a way, Valeria shows us how life can have a much deeper meaning, that everything we do, if injected with love and done in the name of happiness, is all that is needed in order to survive.”

—Ahmad Duranai
Author of The Leadership Zone